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Heart_Brain_Mark_Kazav1         2049.cover-source

My “Heart And Brain Interaction” painting was selected  for Cover of 

Philosophical Transactions − the world’s first science journal! The Royal Society was founded in 1660 to promote the new experimental philosophy of that time, embodying the principles of Sir Francis Bacon. Henry Oldenburg was appointed as the first (joint) secretary to the Society and he was also the first editor of the Society’s journal Philosophical Transactions. The first issue of Philosophical Transactions appeared in March 1665 and featured Oldenburg’s correspondence with leading European scientists. In its formative years Isaac Newton had seventeen papers published in the journal including his first paper – New Theory about Light and Colours – which effectively served to launch his scientific career in 1672. In the same year his new reflecting telescope was described and the original drawing was also published in the journal. Philosophical Transactions has also published the work of Charles Darwin, Michael Faraday, William Herschel and many more celebrated names in science.

 350 years old  publisher!




American Pianist John Otott’s new CD Cover with Mark Kazav’s “Piano”


Capturegqergeg                      Cover image “Red Heart” by Mark Kazav on the book by well known Netherlander writer Bas Heijne.



       Canadian Musician Robert Michaels – Spanish Guitar Collection CD cover with Mark Kazav “Guitar” painting