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Artist Mila

October 29, 2015

Paintings in a bold, vivid colors express  her very optimistic vision of the life and world.. Mila’s canvases now in the numerous Prestige Collections all over the world. Paintings are very reasonable priced,  since you get them direct from artist’s Gallery/ Studio. Mila’s  and Mark’s exhibition of new originals on International Artexpo in New York was a great success...
… My training in terms of colors is not formalized. My sense of colors is totally intuitive and “in my blood”. For me these paintings are not abstracts , but rather realistic landscapes, where every viewer can see and imagine details in their very deep distance. I am trying to create feelings and almost force my viewer to play my “game of imagination” . Often the viewer sees his or her own images in my paintings. So be it! Enjoy your own game on my


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