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Photo portrait of Mark Kazav
Canadian Expressionist Artist Mark Kazav

  Mark Kazav produces works with bountiful texture as part of a “wet-in-wet” technique that captures the essence of subject rather than the intricacies. His heavy textured works can be found in numerous corporate and private collections throughout US and Europe.Now you can also buy modern art works by Mark Kazav online.Using expressive brush strokes and commanding colors, Mark Kazav creates pieces that captivate and astound. Masterful brushstrokes and intense color come together to create a modern day masterpiece.

“Mark Kazav was born in former USSR in 1960. By the 1990′s he and his family were forced to leave the USSR as a result of all the disorder and war. They soon fled to Canada. While living in Canada/The limitless possibilities of oil painting fascinated him and he quickly began to gain recognition among other artist. Mark Kazav produces works with bountiful texture as part of a “wet-in-wet” technique that captures the essence of subject rather than the intricacies. His heavy textured works can be found in numerous Corporate and Private Collections throughout the US and Europe.

Artist’s Statement: “… For me, it’s like Jazz Improvisation – very spontaneous.Something inside of me starts and I just can’t stop till it’s done. I strongly believe , that you can’t learn this feeling from the books, Art Colleges, Schools or even from other Artists. It’s like a nice voice in vocal – you born with it or not, although technical skills are important and should be learned…”

Few years ago I got surprise email from Cristiano Rimassa – italian artist who lived for 25 years in Hollywood,
started as the assistant of Salvadore Dali. Beginning of 2006 Cristiano went from us…
Beside exhibitions in the museum of Art in San Francisco, L.A.,
and countless galleries, his big paintings were used in movies and you find them in many public offices. The painting “Magica Turin” became the official poster for the Winter Olympics 2006 in Turin. —-
Here is text of this email: “Dear Mark, I’m a former disciple of Salvador Dali. I had the pleasure to help Salvador preparing backgrounds for him back in 1974 in Cadaques, Spain.
Now I reside in the Hollywood Hills and some of my paintings are in Museums and Institutions.
I took the liberty to write you because it appears that you find appealing a specific kind of Art in online auctions.. I think my style is close to your taste— —– Cristiano Rimassa—”

Artist Statement

“I use my palette knife to add unique texture. I prefer to fill my canvases with my love, emotions and energy.. so viewers can enjoy it for many years later..even, after we all gone..”

I was born in 1960 in Moldova, former republic of Soviet Union. Served in Soviet Army from 1980 to 1982 as musician. My world was turned upside down in nineties, when me and my family were forced to flee the USSR because of chaos and local wars. In Canada, new country I began to look for different ways to express himself without the constrains of not knowing English. In the spring of 1998, “inspired” by my bare walls, I touched his brushes for very first time and …was hooked. I was fascinated with the boundless possibilities oil had given him. my first local exhibition in 1999 in Toronto sold out quickly. As a new artist was overwhelmed by his success when my art was presented on World Wide Web. Since then I enjoy growing popularity in many countries. My paintings are now in numerous Private and Corporate collections of USA, Austria, Italy,

Netherlands, Germany, England, Belgium, France,Malaysia and Russia. Mark’s paintings getting highly collectable. My “Canadian Dream” came true.

“Mark Kazav an artist of distinct style and conceptual integrity. He at once challenges the viewer with vibrant color and bold images. Mark has developed his own personal style which is indeed colorful, visually stimulating and a pleasure to own. Mark paints use a “wet-in-wet” technique, attempting to capture the essence of subject, rather than detailed expression. These paintings are reflective of both his philosophy of life and his personality, employing the use of colors as vibrant as any work of art such masters as Matisse or Van Gogh.


Brooklyn Bridge

1236465_625590300795836_1005996119_n                                                                                                                           “Valentine Heart”

Limited Edition Giclee Print on Canvas  16″x16″




Wild Flowers

Wild Flowers



Jazz Band 2

“Jazz Band”



Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge

Valentine Heart
Valentine Heart



Saxo City
“Saxo City”

manhattan“Brooklyn Bridge”





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